China Data Center Goes On Surging Amid Declined Growth in 2018

2019-05-17 source:IDCNOVA
The market volume of China data center industry reached 122.8 billion yuan in 2018, increasing 29.8% year on year while 2.6% growth rated declined than that of the previous year.

BAT Leading Data Center Surge in Xi’an, West China

2019-05-15 source:IDCNOVA
Chinese tech giants Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and others all launched data center project in Xi’an, West China, a node of “Belt and Road Initiative”.

IDCNOVA Commentary: How China Data Centers Transform Into Green Ones From the Source

2019-05-14 source:IDCNOVA
According to statistics, public institutions contribute largest proportion of power consumption in China data center industry.

Another Hyper Scale Data Center of Baidu Lands in Western China’s Xi’an Aerospace Base

2019-05-14 source:IDCNOVA
Baidu Cloud Computing (Xi’an) renders for its another green and power saving, advanced hyper scale one, holding over 100,000 servers.

The “Rising competitor” Central China’s Henan Province Launches Its Largest Data Center Ever

2019-05-13 source:IDCNOVA
Henan Province of Central China launches a hyper scale data center in Zhengzhou City, the capital city, and this site is designed to become the largest database locally ever installing 10,000 cabinets.

“North Gate to Shanghai”, Nantong Targets a 100b Big Data Industry

2019-05-07 source:IDCNOVA
Located on the north side of Shanghai over Yangtze River, Nantong of Jiangsu Province is forging up a big data industry valued at 100 billion yuan in full wings.

IDCNOVA commentary On Future China Data Center Pattern Considering A “Greener” One In Beijing Market

2019-04-30 source:IDCNOVA
As the No.1 data center market in China, Beijing is tightening on data center construction for green initiative. What will it be like for the future industry pattern?

China Data Center Tour: Alibaba Qiandaohu Data Center

2019-04-26 source:IDCNOVA
Beside the beautiful Qiandaohu Lake, Alibaba launched a ecological, advanced and fascinating data center.

High-Tech Board Listed, UCloud Invests 2.6b to Launch First Data Center in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia

2019-04-26 source:IDCNOVA
Dominated by tech giants like Alibaba, Tencent and so on, Chinese medium and small scale cloud vendors attempts for breakthrough via fundraising and other means.

Alibaba Cloud Mulls Global Push While Trouncing Amazon at Home

2019-04-25 source:DCK
The cloud provider seeks to cater to US companies investing in China and vice versa; it's also planning to set up data centers in Indonesia and Malaysia.